“Extra Innings” a feature film in which I played Coach Giambi  set in the 1960’s about baseball and family starring Geraldine Singer is premiering at The Manhattan Film Festival, May 5th 2019.

“Do Something, Jake!” which I filmed overseas in the UK will be premiering in London on Nov. 15th!

The music video for “Mercy” by Blues legend Bob Margolin has been released world wide! directed by Scott Rosenbaum (The Perfect Age of Rock n’ Roll)

On Weds. Oct. 17th my episode of “Shattered” will be premiering on ID Discovery at 9pm!

Cast as Agent Phillips in a streaming mob series titled “Infiltrated”.

Currently collaborating with author David Boyle in adapting his published short story “Truth Hurts” into a film. I will be directing and acting.

Working as a principals Casting Director for the kid’s TV Show “Arthur Futuro” created by David Schoner of the NJ Film Commission.

Booked a lead in an Untitled TV Pilot for the Lifetime channel!

Was nominated for Best Actor in “The Choices We Make” at the Top Indie Film Awards.

Booked the principal role of COACH GIAMBI in the Feature Film “Extra Innings” written and directed by Albert Dabah and Brian Drillinger.

Recently shot a Principal role in a VERIZON WIRELESS online commercial!

“An Ideal Marriage” is now a finalist at The American Movie Awards!

My episode of “Evil Lives Here” in which I play serial killer Anthony Shore premiere’s Sunday Feb. 19th on ID Discovery at 10pm!

“An Ideal Marriage” a short Samurai Rom-Com screen’s at the Urban Action Film Fest presented by Cinemax at AMC Theater Empire 25.

Had a wonderful review written about me in “Max It!” magazine in England for my role of Morten in the quirky British thriller “Do Something, Jake!” Here is an excerpt from the article:
“An international boost to the project came with award-winning New York actor, Ed Bergtold, who gives a brilliantly intense performance. “Ed was great to work with and he brought a touch of ‘Soprano’ glamour to our quirky English production. Some crew members compared him to De Niro or Pacino, but for me, when he spoke, all I could hear was Michael Douglas … not a bad combination!”

Just booked a major principal role in a sit-com pilot titled “J. City Heights” shooting this month! By award winning filmmakers Kyle Blake and Kenyon Hoag.

Recently wrapped the 1st Supporting role of Steve in the SAG Feature Film “Into the Outbreak”. The 3rd installment of Larry Rosen’s “Outbreak” trilogy.

“When the Night Falls” won the coveted Silver Remi Award at The 49th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival!

“Hobo Heyseus” will be screening at this year’s “Philadelphia Independent Film Fest” as well as “The Hoboken Film Festival”!

“When the Night Falls” was nominated for Best Horror at this year’s “Hang onto your Shorts Film Fest” in Asbury Park!

My directorial debut “When the Night Falls” won Best Horror Film at this year’s Brightside Film Festival in Jersey City! I was also nominated for Best Actor, but that honor went to Artie Pasquale! So, I was in great company!

My directorial debut “When the Night Falls” had it’s NYC Premiere at New Filmmakers NY at The Anthology Film Archives!

Won the BEST ACTOR GOLD AWARD at The LA Horror Competition for my short film “When the Night Falls”!

Was nominated for BEST ACTOR at The Northeast Film Festival: Horrorfest along with Robert Clohessy and Andrew Howard, so I was in good company and the only unknown actor in the category!

My directorial debut “When the Night Falls” will be premiering on Dec. 10th at the 2015 Northeast Film Festival: Horror Fest. I also wrote the screenplay and portrayed the main character.

Have two films screening at this year’s Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City! First is “Attitudes in Motion” by Tiffani Brooke on Friday and on Saturday is “Abandoned in the Dark” by Mike Lordi written by David Boyle produced by Stephen Cafone & Cover 3 Productions.

I’m going overseas to England! “Do Something, Jake” will be my first transatlantic feature film! Booked the role of ‘Morten’! The slick, witty, deadly Antagonist in this stylish and intriguing British Crime Thriller. Raya Films, James Smith – Dir, Caroline Spence – Prod./writer

Booked the role of ‘The Director’ in the feature film “Neighbors”: Ten neighbors lead basically disparate, unconnected lives, their joint experience in and of the city becomes a unifying force, weaving a tapestry of their stories. Directed by Miki & Yoni Benyamini (The B Brothers). Set to go into production in Oct 2015!

“Abandoned in the Dark” has been accepted to: The North East Film Fest (Screening Sept. 11th @ 3pm), The Golden Door Int. Film Fest (Screening Sept. 26th @ 6pm) and The Jersey City Int. Film Fest (Oct 16-18th).

“Behind the Mirror” wins Best Thriller Award at the 2015 Manhattan Film Festival!

“Abandoned in the Dark” starring myself and Kane Hodder will premiere at this years Hoboken Int. Film fest. Based on the book by David Boyle and directed by Mike Lordi.

Had a very successful staged reading for a new comedy pilot titled “Underclass”, I played Slavery (a very crazy John Belushi type). CREATED BY DREW MOFFITT, JAKE SHORE, NEIL RYAN, ÐOAN HOÀNG & CHESNEY SNOW

“When The Night Falls” is nearing completion in post-production and a trailer should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Currently working with “The Alan Chan Comedy Team” performing monthly at The Broadway Comedy Club.

Performing on stage during Manhattan Rep’s Night of Scary, Spooky Plays! You can see me at 6:30pm on 10/28 & 10/29 in “Out for My Blood”(thriller) & “Vampire Bar: Shy”(comedy). Reserve your tickets now at [email protected]

Gonna be in two One-Acts at Manhattan Rep. “Shy” & “Out for Blood” Oct. 28th & 29th, for some Halloween fun! Keep you posted!

“Abandoned in The Dark” is set to premiere Nov. 8 2014! Starring Myself opposite Kane Hodder!!

Began production on the comedy feature “Words to Live By” directed by Paul Sacco & written by old friend Johnny Grasso.

THAT’S A WRAP! On my directorial debut in “When The Night Falls” please like us on Facebook.com/whenthenightfalls

Began principal photography on “Abandoned in The Dark” June 19th, starring Kane Hodder.

Booked a principal role in “Words to Live By”, a dark comedy.

I’m performing in a Oct Act play titled “Gunny” about three Marines on the the battlefield of Afghanistan and learn that the price they pay is sometimes more than just the loss of life. I’m playing Cpt. Jeffs the commanding officer. May 20-23rd 6:30p, Manhattan Rep. 303 W.42nd 6th Fl. @8th Ave.

Just booked another role as Trevor Never in “Niles Never and The Blackholes”. A comedy web-series about a 70’s British Glam Rock Star who is abducted by aliens and is returned home 40 years later un-aged. I play his son, who is similar to Buster from “Arrested Development”…with a British Accent.

Just got cast in another feature! A Four Story Anthology titled “Abandoned in The Dark”, I’ll be playing the lead role of Peter in “Desperation”. All based on the book of the same title by David Boyle and the film is directed by Mike Lordi….It also looks like Kane Hodder is in it as well, not sure if I’ll be working with him but that is pretty cool.


Booked the supporting role of a psychotic hitman known as DPK in Chris Funderburg’s “The Burning Bride”. A full length thriller in the vein of “Blue Velvet”.

That’s a wrap on…”Behind The Mirror” a feature film by Minos Pappas, “Reckoning” a feature film by Carl Monego, “The Lunatic” an 8 episode Web-Series by Scott D. Rosenbaum (A Perfect Age of Rock n’ Roll) and “The Book of Eden” a post-apocalyptic short by Tom Vail.

Just wrapped on Episode 8 of “The Lunatic” by Scott D. Rosenbaum, and just heard the project is being considered for a Feature Film by Relativity Media! More info at www.followthelunatic.com

Just booked TWO SAG LOW BUDGET FEATURES!! The first is “Reckoning” a baseball story in which I play a retired pitcher who is confronting his homosexuality for the first time. It’s the 1st Supporting Male Role. The Second is “Behind The Mirror” set in a small town in Upstate NY, where I play a racist Bar Manager and is a Principal. Opposite sides of the coin, lol! “Behind the Mirror” is directed by Minos Papas, whose last film “A Short Story about Guns” screened this year at Tribeca.

P.S. – I also raised a total of $11,000.00 for my short film “Last Night on Earth” and we have begun scouting locations!!

Episode 5 of “The Lunatic” is up! My Character’s premiere!

Awesome premiere for “Tunnel of Love” last night 7/17/13 at this year’s Long Island Int. Film Expo! Lot’s of laughs and applause!!

Currently shooting the role of The Candlestick Maker in Scott D. Rosenbaum’s darkly creepy web-series “The Lunatic”.

Just finished a 3 week Master Acting Class, taught by Chazz Palminteri!

“Tunnel of Love” has also been accepted to The 2013 Edinburgh Short Film Festival!

Wrapped the Supporting Role of Eddie on the feature film “Hobo Heysus”!

“Tunnel of Love” a short comedy in which I play the male lead just got accepted to The Long Island Int. Film Expo!

Booked The Supporting Role of EDDIE in “Hobo Heysus”, shooting in Spring of 2013!

Please “Like” us on Facebook:

My ARTSPIRE profile page is up and we are currently fundraising for my short film “Last Night on Earth”! http://www.artspire.org/DirectoryDetail/tabid/95/id/1327/Default.aspx

The short film “Tunnel of Love” a romantic comedy about a couples relationship problems revolving around Bruce Springstein, in which I play the leading male is completed and awaiting festival acceptances.

My short film “Last Night On Earth” has been accepted to ARTSPIRE for Fiscal Sponsorship! Now begins my fund raising phase with principal photography hopefully to begin sometime in the summer of 2014.

“A Dangerous Place” wins both ‘The Feature Film Audience Choice Award’ as well as ‘The Home Grown Feature Film Award’ at The 2012 Garden State Film Festival!

The Feature Film “13” is released on DVD by Anchor Bay Films. I play Cop #1 opposite the film’s lead Sam Riley. The film also stars: Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke and Ray Winstone.

Just wrapped a Lead Role in “Tunnel of Love” a short romantic comedy about Love, Life and Bruce Springsteen. Produced by Leather Back Films.

“Ben N’ Anna” is an official selection to The 2011 Williamsburg Indie Film Fest. Screening is Sat. 11/19/11 @ 9pm.

Just Launched the “Last Night On Earth” Facebook page as well as “Last Night On Earth” Youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/LastNightOnEarthFilm

The short film “Ben N’ Anna” is completed and submitted to various film festivals. The film was written by Quincy Rose and Directed by Andrew Bennett. The IMDB page is www.imdb.com/title/tt1979197/

Currently in Pre-Production for “Last Night On Earth”. A short film based on my feature screenplay. This will mark my directorial debut. The 15min. short is a Comedy/Action/Horror about Meth Addicts, Monsters and The End of The World.
– Washed up professional Baseball Player Ned Bronson is recently out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit. During a night of hard drinking, drug use and debauchery, Ned and his friends are faced with the possibility of their last night on earth.

Have a table read for “Asbury Park, USA” a SAG Ultra Low-Budget Feature, this June. Signed to play the role of Kid Rivers, owner of a well known music club. Film is about the South Jersey Music scene.

Posted new headshots in gallery, and updated reel on video page.

Got New Headshots! Be posting them shortly!

Started Freelancing with Jaime Baker of Baker Management, very excited to be on his roster!

Just wrapped a SAG short titled “Ben ‘n Anna” a comedy. I played Franklin the 1st Supporting Male. It was written by Actor/Writer Quincy Rose and directed by Andrew Bennett, both very talented guys. Check’em out www.QuincyRose.net & www.directedbyAndrewBennett.com

My, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” clip is posted on youtube, Click link in my Video Section! “You hear about that African deal?”

Will be attending the advanced screening for cast and crew of “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” next Thursday!

Currently writing the 3rd draft of my feature screenplay, about what is believed to be a biological terrorist attack, but to a small group of survivors in northern New England it turns out to be something far more sinister.

Preparing to shoot a SAG Short this fall titled “My Name is WALLington” I’m playing Eddie an indie filmmaker trying to help his friend Stephen a Canadian Actor make it big before his work visa runs out.

Booked the Principal Role of Detective Edwards in a SAG Short titled “Black”. The film is a noir type hard-nosed crime drama set to shoot in May 2010.

Shot a Principal Role in “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps”. I got to work with one of my favorite director’s Oliver Stone! I played a Stock Broker exchanging information and rumors with other traders. I worked three scenes. The film debuts in 2010.

Shot an U5 on “As The World Turns” on 9/3. I played AA member #2 in an AA meeting. It will air Nov. 4th.

The Film “The Abductor” in which I play the title role, crawls towards completion in post production.

Teaser Trailer for “Star Wars: Tremors of The Force” is released on the internet.

Worked with Harrison Ford on “Morning Glory”. His character (Mike Pomeroy) steals the onion of my hamburger while we are at craft services… It’s a comedy.

Ed’s new website is up and running!

Red Scream Vampyres is released on DVD. Summer 09′

Shot & wrapped the Principal Role of COP #1 in the Major Motion picture “13” starring: Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Sam Riley & Emmanuelle Chriqui. I played opposite Sam Riley (Control) & Emmauelle Chriqui (Entourage). Film coming Spring 2010.

Jan. 09′
“By The River Rye” Has it’s premiere screening at Clearview Cinema in Red Bank, NJ. Hometown of filmmaker Kevin Smith.

Fall 2008
“Beseech Me” a short horror film I star in and co-produced, goes into production. Ready for festvals Fall 09′.

Summer 2008
“Silent” is accepted to the ‘Reel’ Jersey Film Festival. Set for distribution in 2009.